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Maintenance of lifts, repair of lifting equipment, modernisation of handling equipment.

Elwiko specialises in the maintenance of lifts and the modernisation of handling equipment. We are experienced in the comprehensive maintenance of passenger and goods lifts as well as travolators and escalators in the Szczecin area and surrounding areas.

Within the scope of our services, we offer repair of lifting equipment and emergency services for lifts.

Maintenance performed by an authorized service technician is necessary not only to maintain the validity of the device's approval by the Office of Technical Inspection, but also for the correct and safe operation of the lift. Since we have the technical potential and people with the relevant qualification certificates, the necessary knowledge and experience in lift maintenance, we would like to offer our customers our assistance in the continuous maintenance of their equipment.

The scope of our activities also includes comprehensive services in the field of design, supply, installation, repair, emergency lift services and equipment modernisation.

We offer:

comprehensive maintenance of equipment such as:

passenger lifts (lifts),

goods lifts,



Carrying out modernisation and repair of lift equipment,

servicing and maintenance of lifts,

 lift emergency services,

Checking electrical installation for electric shock protection according to the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspectio,

Maintenance of lifts and other lifting equipment.

Calculation of the utylization rate of designed working period of lifting devices. Special assesement

The scope of maintenance we offer includes:

checking the working movements of the lift equipment,

inspection of welded, bolted and riveted joints influencing the operational safety of lifting equipment,

inspection of load-bearing components of lifting equipment,

checking the operation of limit switches,

visual inspection of lifting rods,

 periodic lubrication in accordance with the recommendations of the technical and operating documentation,

ensuring that the equipment is in good technical condition due to the maintenance work carried out,

keeping an inspection register in accordance with the Office of Technical Inspection requirements,

participation in periodic inspections of lift equipment carried out by the OTI.

Lift maintenance - how to do it?

In addition to the activities entrusted to a competent service technician, the operator should on his own regularly carry out activities aimed at assessing the quality of the ride or detecting possible damage and malfunctions of the equipment.


Typical items that should be checked to be sure of proper operation include:

  • For freight and passenger lifts, a full up and down run should be made and special attention should be paid to:
  • stop and cab doors and their top and bottom guides,
  • the accuracy of the stopping of the cab,
  • indicators at stops and in the cab,
  • call buttons at stops and the dispatch buttons in the cab,
  • opening operation of bus and cab doors,
  • two-way communication means in the cab to ensure contact with the release services,
  • cab operational lighting, 
  • operation of reversing device for stop and cab doors,
  • markings, inscriptions and pictograms.


  • In the case of escalators and travolators, a full trip up and down should be made and particular attention should be paid to:
  • lighting and indicators,
  • emergency stop devices,
  • moving handrails,
  • balustrade plinths and rejectors,
  • the ridge plate,
  • safety signs and pictograms,
  • speed compatibility of movable handrails and steps/pallets,
  • steps or pallets,
  • the balustrade and its enclosure,
  • protective cover for the entrance of the moving handrail into the base of the balustrade,
  • the area of entrances and exits of stairs or escalators,
  • safety contacts.