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We provide services in an industry that includes the maintenance of production machinery and equipment, as well as the technical infrastructure of industrial facilities (i.e. the control, operation and management of water, gas, electricity and heating supplies). We help our clients to optimise costs, reduce equipment failure rates and increase their operating efficiency. Within the framework of modern maintenance, we can distinguish the most important objectives that are pursued by maintenance services. These include:

maintenance, overhaul, inspection of machinery and equipment,

ongoing troubleshooting, repairing overhead cranes, cranes, lift trucks, mobile platforms, cranes and other equipment, and taking care of the proper operation of machinery,

ensuring the safety of people and the working environment.

Upgrading and maintenance of machinery for maintenance

Maintenance also includes periodic inspections and maintenance. These help to keep equipment in proper working order. In this way, the hazards arising from their operation can be reduced, their service life extended and costly downtime resulting from breakdowns avoided. Their maintenance must be carried out regularly by companies authorised by the UDT.

Maintenance and overhaul of steel structures

Works such as the modernisation of overhead travelling cranes or other crane equipment are carried out in order to, among other things:

reduce the risk of failure,

increase work efficiency by improving parameters (changing the control method, changing the speed of mechanisms),

reduce costs by using components that consume less power or avoiding costly downtime due to failure,

increase user comfort by changing the control system or changing the speed of the mechanisms,

increase operational safety,

extending their service life.

In addition, we assist with the agreement of the modernisation documentation at the OTI and the completion of the required documentation and preparation of applications to the OTI. We also participate in acceptance tests with the OTI carried out after repairs or modernisations and adaptation of machines to the minimum requirements in accordance with the requirements of the law in force.