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We offer service and maintenance for handling equipment (service lifts, hoists, cranes, overhead cranes) installed on wind turbines. Our wind turbine service department carries out the following work:

Maintenance of lifting equipment including overhead cranes, cranes, hoists, winches;

Inspection and service of service lifts from manufacturers such as Avanti, Hailo, Tractel, Power Climber, Zarges;

Inspections and service of ladders and fall arrest systems from Hailo, Haca, Avanti;

Inspections of Tirak hoists and Blocstop fall-arrest devices;

Bolt tightening;

Electrical measurements of handling equipment;

Assistance of service technician in the examination of the equipment by the Office of Technical Inspection;

Preparation of documentation for registration with the Office of Technical Inspection;

Calculation of the utilisation rate of the designed working period;

Special assesement after the  designed working period has been reached.