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Modern industry makes every effort to ensure that the machines produced have a well-defined, predictable life cycle, beyond which, the best solution from an economic point of view, should be the purchase of a new machine. However, this approach does not work for UTBs because of the high purchase price. The cost of purchasing an overhead crane, crane or mobile platform is a major investment and an expense of many thousands of euros. Due to this fact, Elwiko meets the needs of its current and future customers.

We are the leading company in Poland calculating the degree of utilisation. We collect data and analyse equipment documentation. On this basis, we can calculate the residual life of any type of handling equipment. We also carry out all the documentation required by the Technical Supervision in the field of residual capacity.

We treat reaching the service life as a signal and another stop on the machine's life axis, which, thanks to timely special inspections (assessment of the technical condition of the equipment), will indicate a new safe life of the equipment.

We have many years of experience and know that a special inspection in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 30 October 2018 on the technical conditions of technical supervision with regard to the operation, repair and modernisation of handling equipment often raises many doubts and concerns for the operator.

The vast majority of equipment manufactured even in the 1950s-60s has guidelines in its technical and operating documents (DTR) for so-called major repairs. For us, these recommendations are nothing more than the currently used expressions of resurfacing and special inspection. The scope of the special overhaul, if not described by the equipment manufacturer in the documentation, should be determined by a competent person. In this respect, we not only provide assistance with advice or interpretation of complicated, ever-changing legal regulations, but above all with the professional, timely execution of special inspections. We look forward to working with you!